Composer - Totengesang, August 2019

Jonathan Heck was born in Breisach am Rhein in 1994. He received his first violin lessons at the age of 6. At the age of 11 the trumpet became his second instrument. During his school time he played in various national youth orchestras in Germany and jazz ensembles in southern Germany.


After graduating from high school in 2012, he began his acting studies at the European Theatre Institute in Berlin, which he completed in 2016. During this time he continued to receive violin lessons and a proper education in composition.


Since 2017 Heck has worked regularly with the choreographer Alexander Abdukarimov (Staatsballett Berlin). Together they created several contemporary ballet productions. Heck wants to combine his passion for theatre with his passion for music and often writes cross-genre compositions. Jonathan Heck just recently signed his contract with Sony Classical Germany as a violinist.


His work "Totengesang" was written in 2018-2019 and is based on two literary works: Sonett 66 by William Shakespeare and Psalm 39. The piece deals with transience, the longing for death and loneliness.

Girl with Pink Shirt
Jonathan Heck